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Innovative DEX that provides efficient asset management with automated liquidity distribution based on AMM.

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Coinmeca is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) with the mission to solve the problem of CEX (Centralized Exchange) and Other Ethereum-based DEX through aiming to process all transactions on-chain through the Solana Blockchain. With Solana Wormhole (Bridge), Coinmeca aims to present faster transactions and lower transaction costs associated with attached networks such as Ethereum.

The four components of Coinmeca infrastructure are followed:

  1. Exchange (On-chain Tx)
  2. Vault (On-chain liquidity provision & staking)
  3. Asset (Asset Management)
  4. P2P Transfer (Transfer of heterogeneous currency between individuals)

Meca, the native utility token of Coinmeca, is rewarded to community in proportion of usage concentration. On top of contributing to wider implementation of Solana ecosystem, Coinmeca envisions to be the cross-point of fiat on/off ramp infrastructure with services including DEX Pool, Bundled P2P Transfer, and Payment Lending.

Oct 16, 2021
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