Hacken & Gate.io Ecosystem Fund

The Hacken & Gate.io fund will accelerate the growth and development of high quality projects in the Solana Ecosystem in Eastern Europe. Specifically Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Fund Announcement

Gate.io was established in 2013, the world's top 10 exchanges with real trading volume, the first choice for more than 3 million registered customers, and its business covers 130+ countries around the world, providing one-stop digital asset solutions.

From the very beginning, Hacken has considered security and privacy to be fundamental human rights. Now they are one of the leading cybersecurity consulting companies with an essential focus on blockchain security and have about 300 successful case studies showing their success in providing a variety of services to businesses, including bug bounty programs, penetration testing and more.

Hacken and Gate.io established the fund to invest in and provide guidance to DeFi and Web3 projects building on Solana. Up to $20M will be invested in some of the most exciting new technologies and projects in the Solana ecosystem.

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