MetaSOL allows meta transactions on the Solana network.

To transfer assets on the Solana network, the user has to hold SOL. While some users might have sufficient SOL in their wallets, for new users this can be a source pain. To obtain SOL the users have to go through centralized exchanges which takes considerable time and effort. Also, some users might not want to hold SOL in their wallets due to its volatile nature.

MetaSOL started their project during the Solana Wormhole Hackathon. This project is a smaller version of SolGSN which supports meta transactions for SPL tokens. This protocol will allow users to send any SPL token without having SOL in their wallets. The transaction fee will be deducted from the same SPL token. The protocol will be fully non-custodial.

This has been achieved using a Solana Program which does the cross-program invocation to send SPL tokens to the receiver.

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