Polarity is building a community-owned & decentralized advertising network on Solana.

Currently no easy, non-technical interface exists for end-users to exchange services or bid for responses from specific user groups on the blockchain. Polarity aims to implement a protocol which enables regular consumers to cryptographically represent themselves with a pseudonymous identity in order to interact with others to fairly exchange information or other specific services.

Current Web 2.0 practices involve an agreement to provide personal data that is used for sophisticated advertising, tracking and data mining across a user's journey across the internet. In the end, regular consumer data is given for free and the only thing received in return is permission to interact with a website. There is more money exchanged for our personal data than we might think and this data is used in clever ways that favors some users while discriminating against others.

Polarity's goal is to secure user data and halt the practice of soliciting personal details such as a user's title, address, location, personal demographics or even further sensitive information.

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