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ROPE is a decentralized ecosystem that brings the well known 'market volatility index' to the crypto market.

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ROPE is the central token of the ROPE ecosystem. The ROPE token holds the following utility:

  1. Stake ROPE tokens to generate additional yield earned from trading fees.

  2. Stake ROPE for additional multipliers on yield.

  3. Participate and vote on community proposals and amendments.

The ROPE ecosystem is comprised of two tokens, ROPE and ROPEV, and is built on high-performing Proof of History (PoH) technology implemented by the Solana network.

ROPEV is a DeFi-based volatility index providing a volatility index for the DeFi ecosystem, allowing users to trade or hedge with a volatility index within the entire cryptocurrency market. The details on technical implementation will be published according to the roadmap. Users will be able to trade ROPEV using the ROPEx trading platform.

Apr 12, 2021
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