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Project Description

Project Description 21dao is a non profit organization supporting artists on Solana and is our first community driven project. aggregates live auction and secondary data from the top 1/1 marketplaces on Solana (Exchange, Holaplex, and Formfunction). Our 21api and community sample app are both open source. Why we built it We built to make it easier to discover new artists on Solana, empower other communities to feature their artists, and to give builders access to rich 1/1 data via 21api. Testing instructions Overview: As it stands our site can be broken down into 3 main areas:

  1. Auction leaderboard
  2. Artist listing and live auctions/secondary listings for artists in the DAO
  3. An artist Gallery that fetches NFT's by creator address and then allows curating to create a gallery of all the artists work. Solana Indexer: We are running the opensource solana-index from Holaplex to retrieve Holaplex auction and sales data Workers: 21dao-workers Our workers fetch the following data:
  4. Holaplex via the solana-indexer
  5. Exchange.Art via API
  6. Formfunction via API API: 21dao-api Our API serves the data collected by our workers and provides the backend for our artist gallery. Frontend: 21dao-react The frontend is written in React and created using create-react-app and deployed as a static site. Community Sample App: community-sample-app This is a static React app that other communities can use to bootstrap their own site and provides Artist listings as well as live auction and secondary sales pages for community members. Testing: For testing we suggest running the API with seed data and the frontend. The API is an api only Ruby on Rails application.
  7. Install ruby 3.0.2
  8. Install bundler gem install bundler
  9. Create database and edit config/database.yml
  10. Run db migrations bundle exec rake db:migrate
  11. Seed the db bundle exec rake db:seed
  12. Start the server bundle exec rails s -p 3001 Frontend
  13. yarn install
  14. yarn run dev
Additional Information

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