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Project Description

The 3dHoudini platform is comprised of two marketplaces: one for CAD designs and one for manufacturing. The two are connected using a proprietary technology called a CAD token. A CAD token is a 3D-printable NFT that drives commerce between design owners, manufacturers and end customers. The CAD token is a vehicle to buy, sell and trade designs. When the purchaser of a CAD token chooses to have the token manufactured, the CAD design, represented by the token, is streamed to a near-location, third-party manufacturer on the 3dHoudini marketplace, much like how Netflix streams a movie to a screen. The CAD token technology prevents designs from being exposed to theft and allows the sale of a single use of a design. 3dHoudini offers a practical use for NFTs beyond digital artwork. We bring the digital and physical worlds together by offering blockchain solutions that are beneficial to people in the real world. We are submitting two projects. Because these two projects are closely related, we elected to submit them together. The two projects are: Project Number One Our first project is our Alpha NFT Project, which will provide a proof-of-concept and inform and promote our second project (our NFT marketplace). It will also promote our upcoming Security Token Offering. Our Alpha NFT Project will market and produce 3D-printable NFTs, which we call “print tokens.” A print token is a 3D variation of an NFT art piece that is gifted to owners of other NFTs on a peer-to-peer marketplace. The print token represents a CAD design that can be redeemed for a 3D print of that design. Once a print token has been gifted, it can be bought and sold like any other NFT. Project Number Two Our second project is building our Beta version NFT marketplace, CAD Parlor. We will provide NFT art developers, game and avatar creators, and toy designers an easy way to make 3D-printable NFTs, enabling collectors to create tangible items derived from a digital world. The Beta version of our NFT marketplace will offer quick and easy 3D-printing optionality to designers. It will be a minimum viable product designed to meet the needs of early adopters and provide feedback for future product development.

Additional Information

Prior to 3dHoudini, Chris worked as a Senior Technical Build Specialist at TEAGUE, a global design consultancy, where he was the lead builder of the full-scale prototype for Blue Moon, the lunar lander for Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin space project. While building Blue Moon, Chris became frustrated watching a $600K CNC router get used only once or twice a month. It was painful to watch the company lose potential revenue due to idle equipment. It was clear to Chris that the solution was a freelance-type platform, like Fiverr and Upwork, but for manufacturing. In 2019, Chris set out to build 3dHoudini, but shortly after the platform launched in 2021, Chris’s son, Yannick White, came to him with an idea. Yannick had been fascinated with NFT technology since 2018 and had been wrestling with the idea of a tokenized CAD design. It wasn’t until using the 3dHoudini platform that he realized his idea’s full potential. Once Yannick was able to get Chris to understand what an NFT was, everything changed. Since then, they have been working to integrate their visions.

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