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Audience Labs

Audience Labs

Project Description

Description: The majority of the world now consumes its information from online sources. Since all this information is funneled through a few big tech platforms, they have control of the content the world is consuming and therefore control of the worlds collective consciousness. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Our vision with Audience Protocol is to define a simple, decentralized model of the Creator / Audience relationship that is provably tamper proof, and then rebuild the entire online content industry on top of it. We're starting with a simple Patronage business model built on top of the protocol but are driving towards a world where millions of teams and people are building new, innovative services and business models on top of the protocol that empower and protect creators to freely express themselves. Testing: There are two pieces to the project, the Audience Protocol ( which is open source and currently deployed on Devnet, and the Audience App ( which is private and deployed at Both repos have instructions to build and test locally. To test the app:

  1. Have two wallets ready with devnet funds
  2. Go to click "Get Started" and then follow the onboarding flow to create your first subscription levels
  3. Share the link to your Audience page ({your_public_key} with someone else, or just switch to a new wallet
  4. That person will see the subscription levels you've created, they can click one to purchase
  5. Switch back to the original wallet and go to your profile, you'll see they are now in your Fanbase!
Additional Information

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