Project Description

Description: We are building a platform for DAOs, where any DAO can create an event of NFT bonding. The main purpose of these events is to provide a possibility for DAOs to request some NFTs from collections they are interested in and to offer DAO's locked-up tokens for these NFTs. Why it is useful: Our platform will be useful for many DAOs (e.g. P2E Guilds) as they will receive required NFTs while paying with their own tokens. On top of that it will be useful for users who want to buy DAO's tokens with discount or just to earn some money due to intencivization of this bond. Also Our platform's mechanics are providing other projects with an ability to use new system of initial token distribution event instead of ICO/IDO. Testing instructions: Devnet - You can create an event, for this the wallet must have a devnet token, which will be paid out as a bond for NFT Also, to create an event, you need NFT addresses on devnet, which are requested (NFT on devnet can be minted Then, from another wallet that has the requested NFT, you can participate in this event

Additional Information

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