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Boost Protocol, powered by Blade Labs

Boost Protocol, powered by Blade Labs

Project Description

Boost Protocol is an asset management protocol built using Blade Labs vault infrastructure. The primary offering of the Boost Protocol are Boosted Vaults. These vaults implement an automated recursive deposit-borrow strategy in order to increase yield on vault denominated assets. For the Riptide Hackathon, we present the mSOL-Boost vault which allows users to gain leveraged staked SOL yield exposure via mSOL by integrating Marinade and Solend. Vault strategies and structured products are a crucial offering inside of a healthy DeFi ecosystem. We built this protocol in order to expand the available product offering on Solana and to help DeFi users, DAOs and institutional capital put their idle funds to work and to build infrastructure that other protocols can use for their own products.

Additional Information

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