Check Protocol

Check Protocol

Project Description

Inspiration: We are really concerned about personal data and the problem of access to it by third party companies. We were inspired to create a trusted internet, or more precisely, a protocol that would allow all participants to claim about themselves and receive some kind of services, but still stay anonymous. Unfortunately, there aren't many solutions available. Either they are highly centralized or not fast and convenient enough. What it does: First of all, it is a protocol that going to provide Solana with an interoperable trust layer solution for decentralized identities and verifiable credentials that can be implemented in numerous use-cases: for all projects in Solana ecosystem (DAO, DeFi, blockchain games, etc); for services which are not in the crypto space (government, healthcare, financial services, etc). Check allows participants to issue self-sovereign, anonymous, verifiable credentials. It is compatible with W3 Verifiable Credentials Data Model ( and based on e2e encryption. Test instruction for tutorial: yarn && yarn build cd tutorial && yarn start

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