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Project Description

Colatto is a decentralized and open source no loss lottery platform. Our aim is to gamify DEFI space and support them by making users stick more to the protocols through the gamification layer. We are a middle layer which introduces gamification for increasing user stickiness and satisfying them with rewards at the same time. Why “no loss lottery”? No-loss lottery represents a paradigm shift in finance, where financial incentives of stakeholders are aligned in a decentralized way and participants are in a win-win situation Winning the lottery confers great financial rewards, and not winning the lottery is also beneficial since they are rewarded Why Colatto? Our algorithm makes sure everyone is treated fairly and people who stick longer on the platform will have increase in the probability of winning(effective amount concept) We provide an additional layer of rewards to users who are on the platform for a long time like NFT’s(this is also done randomly and our NFT is a utility token too which has a value on our platform) We ourselves have been using lottery platforms for quite some time to study about user experience. We have studied many lottery platforms like Pool Together and Moonpot, by extensively studying and investing in it, we know what is the issue the users face, which Colatto is trying to solve.

Additional Information

Colatto whitepaper v1 ,we have started working on it.

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