Commerce DAO

Commerce DAO

Project Description

Commerce DAO is a fully integrated web3 commerce payment stack powered on Solana. While we believe crypto is the future of e-commerce, there has been no fully integrated payment stack that addresses every problem that an e-commerce platform is facing. Leveraging our advantages of working inside a big DTC brand, we want to build a completely decentralized payment protocol in that both merchants and buyers are the main beneficiaries, cutting off intermediaries taxing transactions. Commerce DAO will also bring innovative solutions to commerce challenges including payment disputes, incentive rewards for loyal customers… We believe that it is going to change the way we buy and sell in the next era of web3 commerce. Testing instruction: Follow the guideline in README file at to run the smart contract’s unit test. After setting up all dependencies, you can run the “anchor test”.

Additional Information

The buyer experience and journey of Commerce DAO can be tested live in the first ecommerce website that we deployed:

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