Project Description

Cooperaty with Cooperaty DAO is the home of a community of Traders, Investors & Students. The first part, presented in this hackathon, is like the Tinder of Trades, where anyone can learn to trade (focused on short term) through Technical Analysis. We want to provide the possibility to anyone to know how to trade, what is fundamental to grow the users in Solana DeFi. But this is only the start, our project consist in three parts what are better explained in the video (brief) and will be ready soon. The faster way to test it is going to the app website ( The longer way, is to access to each one of the principal repos and execute the instructions left on the README. The program (cooperaty-protocol), can be executed alone and tested. The UI needs to be connected to Solana (devnet for now) at the same time that the BOT (cooperaty-trainer) is connected (to review the exercises and upload more). We are going to leave a server running the BOT on the program used by the main website, so everyone can try the application in a faster way.

Additional Information

We are doing our best to finish this project, but we're students still, and sometimes it requires a lot of time. Even so, we're going to finish it soon. We have the support of Kryptosphere (France), an inter-cities students' association that I'm part, where I have presented the project also, and soon we're going to have more devs! I'm introducing Solana to the association and the members are excited. The website of Cooperaty is, you can find more information there and the application running.

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