Project Description

Crossmint is an SDK for NFT creators and marketplaces to accept credit card payments. It enables anyone to mint an NFT in 1 minute by using their gmail and credit card. No crypto or wallet required - we create one for the user when they mint! Then they can export the NFT to their Phantom wallet at any time at no cost! Crossmint takes only 5 minutes to set up and is free for the NFT seller - we charge a small convenience fee to the buyer

We just launched but last week already had $4.2m annualized GMV go through the platform! This week we went live on Holaplex (instant sales), Hyperspace, and a couple other launchpads. We built Crossmint to remove the complexity of buying NFTs and make them accessible to the 99.9% of people who never had one. We strongly think that NFTs are a new computing primitive with tremendous untapped potential. But that for them to take-off and go beyond their current use cases, they must be simpler to acquire and operate. Crossmint can be tested here:

  • Demo video:
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