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Project Description is a wallet that enables complete self-custody of NFTs. Currently, Metaplex powers all NFT mints, and minters are given an NFT on Solana as proof of ownership. However, the image is hosted on Arweave, and NFT holders do not truly own the artwork itself. Moreover, metadata is controlled by the update authority, putting holders at risk of their NFT losing all of its value, as seen with scammed Mindfolks being sold to unaware victims, who then had their specific NFT's royalty changed to 98% by the Mindfolk team, making it unsellable. currently acts as a wallet that abstracts away both AR/SOL wallets, to give holders full custody of their tokens' artwork. In the future, the protocol will give holders control over their NFTs' value as well. To test, refer to the README found in the git repo.

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