Project Description

For the Riptide hackathon we've built an Automated Vault that generates yield by running Basis Trading strategy on Mango Markets perpetual futures. It runs the strategy when the funding rate is fairly positive and disables it when conditions are not optimal(funding rate is negative) to avoid incurring losses. That leads to truly simple automated experience for Basis Trading. It's not available for testing in the interface just yet, however, codebase is already in public Github repo and we're working on deploying it into our UI.

Additional Information

DeCommas is a Multi-chain DeFi Automation Layer. However, specifically for Riptide Hackathon we've built the Automated Basis Trading Vault. In the nearest time it will be available for testing in our app: More links and info: - Landing page - Medium - Discord - Twitter We're open to answer any questions regarding strategy and DeCommas in general.

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