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Decentralize Solana Dao

Decentralize Solana Dao

Project Description

We, The DSOL DAO Community Members, are seeking to Further Decentralize Solana Via Gamification. The Problem: Solana, amongst the most promising blockchains, faces a crucial pain in convincing others for adoption as their blockchain of choice despite the marvelous throughput and the incredible slot time. The most prevalent doubt that our survey showed, was decentralization. Dapp developers worry about their dapps not being easily censored by the governments in their respective jurisdictions, or the fear of the fear of this not instilling trust by developers and hence a liquidity halt in the blockchain, or the fact that only 1 active solana validator is present in the southern half of the world as of the time of writing. Participants showed concerns about the congestion of validators in specific datacenters and the dangers that could mean for some of the applications on the blockchain, if any of the top delegated datacenters were to have an issue, particularly as solana uses a 66.6% consensus, and hence vulnerable to a 33.3% or more halt. Participants expressed severe concerns, about the Nakamoto coefficient of solana at the time of writing being 19(This number shows the minimum number of validators necessary to halt the network), despite having about 1544 validators. Our survey also indicated the vast majority of solanists care about this issue, and despite the care and will, are not incentivised enough to choose to spend their time achieving this. What we the DsolDao community are doing, is creating the necessary incentives, to have the vast majority of solanists, not only care about it, but actually do something about it. Decentralizing any blockchain is a communal effort, and requires participation from as much individuals as possible. Solana is still in its early stages, and together, we the community are responsible for making it the most decentralized of all blockchains. To Test: **Description Video in the Google drive folder: **

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