Project Description (short for is a new-concept decentralized social media platform running on the Solana blockchain. Cryptocurrency, as we know, was developed with the decentralization of monetary interactions at its core. Its success and continual adoption has paved the way for the further decentralization of things beyond just currency; NFTs, smart contracts, gaming, etc. Despite this success, a critical element of the internet’s ecosystem, the way we interact with like minded individuals in the space via social media, is anything but decentralized. was made to decentralize thsi social aspect of crypto and NFTs. The platform aims to bridge the gap between current centralized social media platforms and decentralized cryptocurrency concepts. is run on the $DED token via microtransactions, and has the ability to reward users for posting quality content that receives engagement. This shifts social interactions from being just simple communication into a platform that creates its own social media micro-economy.’s decentralized structure also protects against bad actors in the space. The NFT space in particular has a consistent issue with “rug” projects, where communities not only lose money, but also often see their community-dedicated social media platforms deleted altogether. Our project was born out of a De-rug, with a team of 4 dedicated degens coming together and making sure something like this never happens to anyone ever again. Ruggers can too easily run off with your money and disassemble communities. With one click of a button, poof… Discord and Twitter accounts are gone, and community members are left to grapple with the fallout alone.’s decentralized approach aims to combat situations such as these. Our platform gives communities a place to gather that can’t be centrally deleted as they are stored on chain, preserving the flow of communication for all. We’re working to improve the space for the long term, and believe that decentralizing communication is the first step in building a safer ecosystem. Currently, is in its MVP stage with features such as creating a profile and a community, all within a beautiful UI. One major future plan we have is to implement on-chain DAO governance for communities to utilize. We plan on using Friktion for DAO treasury tools, and Grape for DAO voting. Future versions of will also have NFT galleries, verified NFT profile pictures, live & real-time chats within communities, and much more. This is just the beginning of our work with, and with our community-focused, decentralized approach, we are inspired and dedicated to offering more and better solutions as the space grows.

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