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DXMD Virtual Care

DXMD Virtual Care

Project Description

DXMD is the first virtual care platform built on the blockchain. It is a Web 3.0 Virtual Care, Electronic Health Record, & Medical NFT Platform built on Solana. The platform is designed as a DAO to connect patients, providers, and developers together via HIPAA compliant medical dApps and secure databases operating via the Solana blockchain. Our goal is to empower patients, increase access to care, improve efficiency, and contribute to medical innovation by utilizing blockchain technology in telemedicine. Our Telemedicine and EHR Beta are now live on the Solana blockchain at and current functionalities include: Secure Provider and Patient Portals, Secure HIPAA-Compliant Patient Databases, Creating Appointments on-chain with Solana, Booking Appointments on-chain with Solana, Secure Video Conferencing between correct patients and providers based on on-chain and off-chain data, Successful Transactions via the Phantom wallet, Successful Collection of fees to dxmdtreasury.sol (created via bonfida). Coming soon: Medical NFTs which will provide utility on the DXMD platform (see presentation for additional details). You can test the project live on Solana at

Additional Information

Top tier development team from UC Berkeley with a lot of experience in the fields of software, blockchain, medicine, and banking.

Presentation Link