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EnchaNFT Protocol (Composable NFTs)

EnchaNFT Protocol (Composable NFTs)

Project Description

although we have seen hyper growth of NFT adoption, outside of gaming they are still mostly seen or traded as coins with visual representation and limited functionality. And from first principal NFTs are really Programmable, interopable Objects on the internet. And just like composability for DeFi created all kinds of DeFi legos, we believe composability for NFTs would create really intereting new use cases. 4. Introduce Enchant V1, a set of primitives to allow us to embed other NFTs or Fungible into NFTs. for example we could embed SOLs and other NFTs into our favourite Thug bird. 5. And this create interesting properties. For the NFTs embeded with SOL, it creates a artificial hard floor price, because our protocol also allow us to burn the NFTs and recover the SOL. And for NFT embeded with Other NFTs, we are really combining their properties, since now they can be owned collectively.

Additional Information

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