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Project Description

We are building a Solana NFT Staking as a self Service platform. We built it to solve a common problem: most NFT projects want to let holders stake their NFTs for rewards, but they end up paying for highly priced and low quality staking web pages, that take weeks to be developed.

Our custom smart contract supports any number of NFT staking projects at the same time, each one with its own staking configuration (daily rewards, custom SPL token...). Its design is focused on simplifying the addition and configuration of new projects to the extent that it can be done without writing any code or re-deploying the contract. Leveraging our smart contract, we are developing a web platform that allows project owners to set up their NFT staking web in minutes, for free, without contacting us. The contract also covers the usual stake/unstake/claim rewards functionalities for holders. The platform revenue stream will come from charging a small fee of 0.01 SOL on every transaction made by the holders (stake/unstake/claim rewards). Check github readme and deck for more info.

Additional Information

In order to test the smart contract, specifically the project owner functionalities, you can use the CLI as described in the readme. In order to test the web platform staking functionalities for holders, please contact us with your wallet address so we can send some devnet NFTs to play with.

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