Project Description

Gilder is a mobile app for DAO's and its members to have one easy to use place to interact together and through the DAO. I built Gilder because I really believe DAO's are going to critically important in the future. Right now a lot of crypto in general and DAO's are challenging for average people to interact with. I think DAO's are basically a brand new building block for human interaction and value creation but the UX for them isn't there yet for general use. My goal with Gilder is to make DAOs accessible to anyone. I hope, that Gilder could eventually be used for something as simple as a DAO for a family multisig wallet to helping run a whole community on. To test there are 2 options: Apple testflight: Github: Note: web3auth currently has a bug where I can't whitelist my ios app url used to login, so wallet won't work there. It will locally tho.

Additional Information

Twitter: Discord: I put down Mango as a prize track category because they tweeted a prize for solo devs and I did this project solo. Also just note for transparency,: I did technically start this project in January. There are 28 commits out of 209 total prior to feb2. I had asked chase and he said it was no problem but Id be judged on what I completed after start date. Pretty much all functionality in the app was done after Feb 1st.

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