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Project Description

We use ERC20 as a license for computer software where one unit of ERC20 is one "copy" of a game like it was with cartridges or floppy disc! I am a gamer and I don't own computer games. I can't invest in them. I can't send game on Steam or Epic Games to my friends. I can't buy game with fantom and store like any other ERC20 token. We don't know true value of computer games and software. With ERC20 license you can provide liquidity to software and use DEX for true price discovery mechanism! I can't use DEX for "GameSwapping" like tokens. I just want to store game license native on-chain with is very beneficial for both part of market - gamers and game creators. And I'm talking not on P2E games. I'm talking about real games like on the Steam - Cyberpunk, GTA V.

Additional Information

I'm building it on EVM - Poligon. If you will help me I can switch to Solana. From my founder perspective Solana is 100x better that Poligon but I don't have any connection with your network. I want to work with you guys. I can bring a lot of users - one big game premier can bring more users than entire solana monthly users.

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