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Honest Poker

Honest Poker

Project Description

Honest Poker, which can be demoed at Honest.Poker, is a community of communities in the form of a play-to-earn game. Poker was traditionally a gambling game where players have to take risk in order to participate. Honest Poker removes this downside risk by allowing users to earn tokens based on their gameplay without having to put anything on the line or even owning our NFTs. Just connect your wallet, set an NFT that you own as your Avatar, and play! With the gambling removed, poker becomes a pure social game where players can compete and connect. Imagine a table with 6 players using avatars from 6 different projects and hanging out, chatting using drop-in audio, and getting kick backs for playing on the platform. TLDR: Honest Poker was built to break down walls and barriers and connect the crypto world.

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