Hoo Inc. Validated Video Social Network and Transaction Platform

Hoo Inc. Validated Video Social Network and Transaction Platform

Project Description

Hoo is a validated video social network. We use token data (NFTs on Eth + Solana) to group users and build out a social graph for contextual connections during video streams. We're starting with web3 NFT collection communities, then onboarding content creators (Tv/film production companies) to build their own communities (and enable them to sell NFTs). Since we have validated trusted social networks, we're building out a blend of OTC and P2P suite of transactions for NFT holders from lending to curated marketplaces to minting and trading. I built this because I think people should connect more, and one of the easiest ways to build connections is through content. However, how do we get a large user base? We're starting with the 100k+ active NFT holders in ETH and Solana to build cross chain token validations and cross community social graphs to build trust and real connections. This also lays the foundation for transactions. Our ultimate goal is to create and nurture communities around content and NFT/WEB3 and transactions are the means to enable that goal.

Additional Information

Here's a demo of the video portion, token gating didn't get built in Solana in time, we have ETH done now. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/601984363

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