Project Description

What and why: The project enables merchants to create itemized invoices on-chain to share with their customers and receive payment via Solana Pay. The permissionless and composable nature of Solana Pay is the future of payments and to increase adoption by businesses they need a fully functioning financial record system. Getting invoicing right will enable merchants to move closer to achieving their decentralization goals while satisfying paper trails required for financial reporting, sales analysis, auditing and tax reporting. What makes this protocol super exciting is the opportunity for composability with significant opportunities for the platform to house Treasury Management, CRM tooling (including NFT loyalty etc), Payroll and Financial Statement preparation for merchants, amongst many other novel opportunities that a permissionless payment platform enables such as Buy Now Pay Later and multi-currency or cross chain settlement. Testing instructions: visit and connect a wallet. The demo focusses on illustrating invoice creation with basic merchant information and billable item setup. After creating an invoice, to view the ‘payable’ version simply copy/share/browse to the same url (e.g. and connect with another wallet (not the one that created the invoice). Ensure you have enough SOL in your Devnet wallet otherwise the wallet (tested on Phantom) does not present the payment dialogue after clicking the Solana Pay button. Invoice status retrieval has not been optimized so there may be a delay when populating. Invoice and billable item privacy has not been activated to make the demonstration process easier.

Additional Information

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