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Japan Dream Travel

Japan Dream Travel

Project Description

Japan Dream Travel (JDT) is a rapidly growing community built upon enthusiasts that love traveling to Japan. Its coverage includes Japanese culture, entertainment, music, featured venues, culinary, job seeking, real estate and so much more. Our active and engaging community aims to become the largest community amongst Japan travelers. 2. Features: Members of JDT came from around the globe and share a unified love for Japan. We encourage all members to share their favorite moments and top tips from their experiences traveling or living in Japan. The community will vote on the most valuable content and the contributors will be rewarded with additional travel perks and value-added services. As our community matures, we will encapsulate all exclusive material in a form of NFT and provide further utilities with the release of our very own $JTT Token. These utilities will bring redeemable services, unique experiences and perks to members who are looking for an enriched and exclusive travel experience in Japan. 3. Advantages: The founder of JDT was a travel expert in Japan with a wealth of experience from being a private tour guide in Japan for many years. With the team’s established network, the community will be able to enjoy exclusive access to 3-stars Michelin restaurants, private dining rooms, collectibles from Disney & Be@rBrick, Tesla entourage and so much more. Our community is also fostered by members who are able to offer first-hand experiences such as Japan residents, pro travel tips from experienced tour guides and seasoned travelers, purchase advices from hospitality and realty professionals. JDT differentiates itself by transforming traditional travel advice into NFT as a form of blockchain technology and further elevating the project by tokenising $JTT. As a holder of such NFT and $JTT token, they can unlock and redeem exclusive experiences to empower their trip to Japan like they have never imagined possible. We are constantly onboarding talented individuals to bring additional value to the project, and we are also engaging new service providers to unlock many more exciting and exclusive services locally. Our mission is to bring a dream travel in Japan to all of our members.

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