Project Description

Kaff is a shared loyalty scheme for independent coffee shops. It provides a low risk entry for new cryptocurrency users with the familiarity of traditional paper loyalty stamps. After making a purchase in the store, customers can receive a token by connecting with a store member through the dapp via QR code. When a customer accumulates 10 tokens they can send them to the store wallet via our dapp to receive a coffee. With Web3Auth onboarding new customers in store is simple through a mobile browser, no seed phrase or app download required! All participating coffee shops will use the same Kaff token and receive a free monthly allocation. As relative newcomers to crypto we wanted to build an app that helped introduce the public to cryptocurrency in a familiar way. In researching coffee loyalty apps we found that large coffee chains have a massive advantage in their loyalty systems over independent shops due to their large network of stores and we wanted to create a shared loyalty system for independent stores allowing them to benefit from network effects. See gitlab readme for testing instructions

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