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Kharon Protocol

Kharon  Protocol

Project Description

Kharon aims to power-up businesses and enterprises by connecting blockchains with IoT. Introduction and Problem Statement IoT comes with several use cases in different sectors, however, its wider application is caught sometimes behind security concerns over data storage or on the device itself. Will combining it with blockchain be the answer to all its woes? Our answer is yes, as the projects trying to tackle these problems surely reflect. But they all come with their set of drawbacks that must be tackled along the way. Blockchain can Bring to the table Decentralization of data, added Security, which is perhaps one of the greatest woes of IoT. Transparency: as anyone would be able to check the blockchain at any time. Autonomy, as the Blockchain reinforces machine to machine economies through a token. And reduced costs as there are already great projects around with huge infrastructure. To test it go to:

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