Kite Pay

Kite Pay

Project Description

Project description: Kitepay is a cross-platform(iOS & Android) user-friendly mobile application for SOL and USDC payments. It lets you create and import wallets in mainnet, devnet, and testnet. It also lets users manage and switch between accounts seamlessly. It also each of our transaction history with details. It currently supports QR and P2P(public address) payments using Solana pay protocol, It also creates a unique QR for users of each wallet address, which can be easily shared without the need to manually share public key every time. Users can also create custom QRs for receiving payments. Motivation: Payments were always something that I was curious, globally payments have improved a lot recently but there is still some gap there, as they’re still dependent on inefficient banks. Before crypto, it was not possible to move things of value from one person to other without banks, crypto made it possible. The motivation behind this project is to make the power of crypto accessible to the normal people by creating mobile apps and SDKs, and future plans are to create nft billing system, buy now pay later on solana, making UPI-solana bridge to leverage the network of UPI, etc. Testing instructions there will be app available is readme of, to test all of the features mentioned in “Project description”

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