Project Description

We are building the first trustless on-chain game on Solana. LadderCaster is a real-time mobile strategy & NFT market economy game, built through seven Solana Hacker Houses, for the community, by the community. The question we had going into this project is: “Would people pay over a million dollars for a single NFT, if it can earn them predictable yield in a game?” The main thesis we want to prove is “Yes, if investors can fully trust that the creators do not even have the authority to rug them, or make decisions that affect their investment”. The solution to this is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), that can make decisions at every step of the project, for product and development, with every single part of the game development stack open-sourced. To claim being fully decentralized, we needed to invent Fixed Step Orders on Serum as a new, representative and transparent way of raising capital and providing representative governance. This avoids the use for time vesting, instead favoring vesting by token price, which we think more accurately aligns team, investor, and community incentives. Another challenge was dynamically generating NFTs in-game, when most projects rely on CandyMachine or Raindrops for minting NFTs. We allow players to mint new NFTs at any moment by burning their in-game item, or redeem any NFT for an in-game item by burning their NFT. Our in-game items have a combined 367,000 combinations of attributes that rely on randomness. We did not want to rely on existing oracles, for this we’ve created a “good enough” way of doing pseudo-randomness on-chain, with more improvements expected post-launch. For turns to happen every 20 minutes for all players on the board, we needed to implement a fully permissionless Game Turn Crank, which procedurally alters the map for everyone on chain. By taking a multi-season approach, we can instantiate a new game every 28 days that include the latest updates voted on by the community. This keeps the game feeling fresh, and allows us to keep updating the game, while committing to the promise of starting each season with new rules that can never be changed. Please read our v1 whitepaper for more information, or contact Aidan @themoonboots. Testing Instructions React yarn yarn link-all yarn install Sol anchor test

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