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LOCK ON - DeFi based copy trading service

LOCK ON - DeFi based copy trading service

Project Description

Inspiration Many copy trading services have been coming out in crypto space in the last few years. However, every one of these services require best-performed traders on its platform to attract users and brings profitable trading to them. The way how it worked was not something representing Web3. There are numerous amounts of wallet addresses in crypto world in multiple chains, in which best performing addresses exits. Rather than focusing on “people” who make best tradings, it made sense to us that we focus on “addresses” which perform best tradings for copy trading. What it does LOCKON offers all-in-one platform of copy trading services on multi-chain, enabling users to track best performing wallet addresses all over the world, get passive notification when addresses make best trading and execute the same type of trading on its platform across multiple chains. To this end, our product suite is comprised of dashboard, ranking, notification, swap, aggregator and bridge etc. How I built it We adopted Moralis framework as web3 platform for backend data extraction from block chain through its APIs. We will also implement our own platform on AWS in phases with key framework features on Moralis in part. Challenges I ran into We’ve released previous version of copy trading services performing against CEXs back in 2017. The most critical challenge we faced was that profitable trader hadn’t been attracted to join the platform proactively though we provided generous rewarding features. However, DeFi emergence changed the world entirely. We just need best-performing trading addresses making huge profit, which can be accessible all over the world through crawling addresses. It doesn’t require any trader registration or commitment in our platform for knowing best performing transaction. LOCKON service can make it possible to list up best profitable “traders” automatically by crawling whole range of addresses all over the worlds, which nobody could’ve done. In addition, LOCKON also offers optimized UI/UX which enables everyone to make copy trading easily through aggregators and bridges. Accomplishments that I'm proud of We're very proud to have built a fully functional prototype in this short period of time. We hope to release beta version in the near future. What I learned We’ve strengthen our capabilities in DeFi space acquiring deeper knowledge in copy trading service on top of our past experiences in development and operation of copy trading platform. Furthermore we’ve built up sophisticated team in DeFi and got patent on our copy trading mechanism as well. What's next for LOCK ON - All-in-One DeFi Based Copy Trading Service Our goal is to offer the most efficient and profitable copy trading platform in one place tracking best performing addresses, notifying best trading transaction and allowing users to do the same trading on its platform. Q1: beta - ranking and portfolio management Q2: Prod version 1.0 - address registration and notification Q3: Upgrade 1.1 - copy trading and aggregator Q4: Upgrade 1.2 - derivative

Additional Information

Here's our front end repository. This is private. So we will give permission to access to the given address for Solana.

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