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Project Description

merstab is an on-chain market maker for decentralized and order-book based derivatives exchanges, like mango markets and zeta markets. 

 We built merstab with the aim to provide more market stability (mer-catus stab-ilitas, lat.) to the DeFi industry by optimizing market inefficiencies observed in the DeFi derivatives space. Liquidity provision to central-limit-order-book based DEX’s is still centralized. There are no AMM’s for CLOB-based DEX’s. Our goal is to change that and decentralise liquidity provision for these exchanges. 

 You can test our demo through and follow the steps described in the demo video.

Additional Information

We are a team of six located in New York, London, Osaka, Berlin and Tbilisi. Our background is in TradFi, DeepTech and Crypto and we started building merstab five months ago, without any funding. We are all passionate builders and believe that DeFi will replace our legacy financial infrastructure and democratize access to financial products.

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