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MoonPup by Space Vizsla

MoonPup by Space Vizsla

Project Description

MoonPup is a Solana and SPL token utility bot for Discord. It enables users to use a versatile array of Solana web3 functions directly from Discord via slash commands. MoonPup allows users to: perform swaps, view NFTs, send or receive tokens/SOL/NFTs, create or enter giveaways, send airdrops, reward holders with roles, perform general wallet management tasks, and more! We (the Space Vizsla devs) built this bot out of a desire to bring more Solana web3 functionality to Discord. We are inspired by early Discord integrated solutions like Lanamon and Grape Access, but recognize that these are just beginning of what is truly possible. We built MoonPup to help realize these possibilities. We ultimately want to promote user interactions on the Solana ecosystem by bringing advanced functionalities directly to where many project users are most active: Discord. Testing Instructions: Option 1 to find MoonPup: Go into the Space Vizsla discord server: Option 2: Invite MoonPup to a Discord server of your own for testing with the link below! (Useful for testing out admin features: Airdrop, role rewards, server default token): (Make sure to give the bot a server role higher than any roles you want it to award if testing role reward rules!) To start testing, direct message MoonPup with /help to get a listing of commands or check out the demo/guide to view bot functionalities. We suggest testing out the following commands to get a good feel for MoonPups capabilities: /wallet_create or /wallet_import /balance /swap /send_sol /send or /send_special /view_nft (need an NFT mint address? heres one: 6SFA53Kf9CNPsAdZFPFrojn2GdmjHmJVFeDPeKMtseVH) /giveaway or /giveaway_random_4 If you invited SVIZ to a server and have admin access: /set_server_default_token /add_role_reward /show_role_reward_rules /verify_roles

Additional Information

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