Project Description

Description: mtnPay is a suite of payments solutions centered around Solana Pay. Our iOS Point-of-Sale app enables existing Square merchants to make the switch to accept crypto with ease. The app is built on top of mtnAPI, an open API we created to enable developers like us to leverage the new Transaction Request Solana Pay spec without having to setup up their own backend. Why: mtnDAO took place at a co-working space called ‘The Shop’ in Salt Lake City,  Utah. There was a self-serve kiosk with an iPad that processed Square transactions. The problem was… we didn’t want to spend fiat, we wanted to spend our crypto. So we made it possible. This experience opened our eyes to the opportunity available for Solana projects in the payments space. Testing Instructions: You will need a standalone iPad to test the app. The app is available for the public to download and use via our beta release on TestFlight.

Additional Information

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