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Project Description

Description: Netherwave is a tool for the Solana ecosystem to help Solana DeFi users with their yield farming. It provides users with an overview of what the Solana DeFi ecosystem has to offer. Netherwave’s goal is to be like Zillow. Netherwave focuses on data gathering, data visibility and intelligent filtering. Netherwave aims to be the go-to protocol for people asking themselves “What yield opportunities are out there?” Why we built it: We are avid yield farmers and noticed getting overwhelmed by the number of DeFi projects available to choose to farm on. Visiting multiple sites consecutively is time consuming and makes it challenging to compare opportunities to find the best home for our funds. One of our cofounders loves wrangling data and has been working for 5 years as a business intelligence expert. The other cofounder incubates and invests in internet and technology companies. These complementary skills make us well-suited to provide a yield farming oriented website, specialized in ease of use. Testing instruction: Filtering is the main feature of our MVP. Play around with the filtering

Additional Information

  • Sorry for the audio issues. We needed to get a video done fast :D
  • We publish a more advanced version in regards to the data on a daily basis on Twitter. You can check it out here: The airtables. We are transitioning this data to the MVP in order to increase the ease of use for the Solana DeFi users
  • This is a MVP version. We work on including new protocols, pairs, etc. almost every day. So feel free to check out our site every day and maybe get some nice insights for your own yield farming
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