Nifty Pay

Nifty Pay

Project Description

NiftyPay enables NFT creators to offer added utility to their NFT holders through secure and verified access to in real life experiences, based on the NFTs in their wallet. WHY? 🎨 NFT Creators want to offer their holders more value. The value or utility for NFT projects nowadays is, however, subject to digital experiences, limiting what’s possible. 🐵 NFT Collectors need more reasons to latch onto NFT projects that go beyond hype and speculation. 💼 Merchants are always looking to grow, but don’t have the right technology & partnerships to expand to NFT collectors TESTING INSTRUCTIONS 0. You need 3 test wallets: Creator, Holder, Merchant & need to be in Devnet

  1. Open (Creator app)
  2. Create a collection/project: Add a Collection > Put name > Copy/Paste Token Address of NFT in a different wallet (Holder Wallet)
  3. Create a benefit associated to that collection: Add a Benefit > Add Name of Benefit > Dropdown "Discount" (only working one for now) > Add Amount of Discount > Add Merchant Wallet address
  4. Via Holder Wallet, go to
  5. Generate Solana Payment Code
  6. On Phantom Dapp browser, via User Wallet, go to
  7. Click the "Scan QR Code" button
  8. Scan QR code
  9. Choose benefit (if not already chosen)
  10. Checkout and Pay
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