Project Description

OptiFi, powered by Solana and Serum, is the first derivatives DEX with a portfolio-based margining approach and partial liquidations engine. Portfolio Margining allows users to net the overall portfolio risk to enhance capital efficiency. Partial Liquidations ensure fair liquidation and pricing for all users. Moreover, OptiFi implements the first-ever Options Automated Market Maker (AMM) using integrated delta-hedging capabilities, where any users can contribute USDC into OptiFi AMM vaults to generate yield and provide continuous liquidity in OptiFi exchange. OptiFi’s goal is to build the most capital-efficient derivative trading platform by designing performance efficient margin and risk management systems, with highly favorable market-making conditions for third-party users to ensure attractiveness to DeFi Degens, institutions, and structured DOVs. Testing Instructions https://optifi.gitbook.io/optifi/trade-on-optifi/paper-trade-on-devnet

Additional Information

Video Demo https://youtu.be/nuHzY4LgZ8w Website https://www.optifi.app/ Whitepaper https://optifi.gitbook.io/optifi/ Twitter https://twitter.com/OptifiLabs Discord https://discord.com/invite/XS2MDX3aaP Figma https://www.figma.com/file/tqkhAWcO3N6UMw1txRGuhs/OptiFi-Design?node-id=0%3A1

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