Project Description

Phoria: Passcode: riptide As the first Solana Pay Rewards app, Phoria revolutionizes the way merchants reward loyal customers. Imagine you walk into your favorite coffee shop, pay $5 for your coffee, and you win a $500 prize. That sounds way more exciting than getting a 20% discount ($1 off on your latte). You will definitely want to come back to that coffee shop, plus it makes check-out more fun. With instant settlement, the $500 prize money gets deposited into your wallet immediately. This is real money, that you can spend right away — no points, no strings attached. Other customers in the store will notice and become excited to win some of the other prizes left on the table. I was a Software Engineer at Square in 2015 where I worked on the Point of Sale app for retailers. When Solana Pay launched, I saw an opportunity to build a more engaging checkout experience for customers.

Additional Information

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