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Project Description

qPools enables any user to access passive yield on decentralized finance. It is a convenient gateway to passive income, while staying transparent and without any middlemen. It offers a portfolio-building toolkit for more advanced users, and allocation-recommendations as well as an onramp for newcomers. qPools stemmed from the need that billions of people around the world do not have access to a reliable savings account. Be it because of hyperinflation, unstable governments, insufficient pension plans, or the missing access to educational material. Our tool solves these points by offering a permissionless gateway to decentralized passive income, while maximizing for user experience. Initially, it aims at covering all target users, from newcomer to poweruser. Eventually, we want to be the engine that drives wallets, TradFi savings apps, perhaps even traditional banks and savings account providers. Please find our app on (, and assume that you want to participate in DeFi, but don’t exactly know how. We very much hope that the UI is self-sufficient, so hopefully no additional testing instructions should be needed. If not, we’ll be able to figure out through our user-funnels :)

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