Project Description

Description: A space for token-communities to discuss, coordinate, and share value, through seamless off-chain and on-chain experiences. Why: Token communities (DAOs, NFTs, Social Tokens) are the future of blockchain. The crypto community coordinates and gathers around tokenized projects. These projects need a platform that makes it super easy for token holders discussions and exchange value seamlessly, with on-chain and off-chain experiences. Instructions:

  • Visit https://devnet.qwestive.io/
  • Log in with your wallet.
  • Qwestive scans your wallet for tokens (you must have at least 1 token for a good user experience).
  • Qwestive will display a ‘community’ associated with each token in your wallet.
  • Click on the community.
  • Click ‘+ Post’.
  • Select ‘Post’ or ‘Poll’ (‘Bounties’ and ‘Votes’ are under development).
  • Fill in the data for your post. Decide on the visibility settings for your post.
  • Click Publish.
  • Now anyone with your token who meets minimum token requirement set by you can view and interact with the post.
  • For each post we support: up/down-voting, threaded conversations, tipping.
Additional Information

Landing Page: https://www.qwestive.io/ Pitch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/193NMFV7J5-3qIg3DfZ1vPofQrdKSqUG1/view?usp=sharing

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