Radiant Pay

Radiant Pay

Project Description

Radiant Pay is the easiest way for merchants and end-users to use Solana pay. We believe the future of payments is crypto but that for a crypto payment solution to take off it needs to be dead easy for merchants and users. By uniting the wallet and merchant experience Radiant provides that. For merchants it gives 5 second onboarding, and tax, inventory, and discount management. For users it gives the fastest, cheapest, payment method that exists. Testing Instructions:

  1. Sign into the merchant app here: https://merchant.radiantwallet.cloud/merchant
  2. Enter these Square credentials: radiantwalletsol@gmail.com, RiptideTest
  3. Enter a wallet public key - you can use this if easiest: GfaY1fZfTF9WRqtdXhno9FS8Wn71fbj8qZawnGak5DLs
  4. Generate a payment request with Solana Pay
  5. Download the iOS Testflight for Radiant Wallet to complete a payment: https://testflight.apple.com/join/e2lbp55O
Additional Information

Slides: https://www.figma.com/proto/os9N8siwU94jhKboAW4Z48/Radiant---Design-System-%2B-UI-work?page-id=6675%3A159938&node-id=6675%3A159939&viewport=241%2C48%2C0.05&scaling=min-zoom&starting-point-node-id=6675%3A159939

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