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Project Description

Our project works alongside Solana Pay to provide payment dispute management and zero-liability purchase protection for consumers. We built this project after experiencing the magic of Solana Pay. Our team has prior experience running high traffic e-commerce stores and we knew how commonplace payments fraud can be. Most of our customers opted to pay with credit cards and we believe the protection that is provided to them by their cards played a large role in that. With that said, we have not had the greatest experience dealing with credit card disputes as merchants. We wanted to bring that same protection from payments fraud to Solana Pay that customers are used to, while remaining fair to merchants as well. Armed with established payments dispute infrastructure, Solana Pay will be quite compelling to merchants and consumers alike. Ratoon leverages a peer-to-peer first dispute resolution model that seeks third-party help only when necessary. We envision a new industry being built around this third-party help that we call payment dispute mediation. We believe traditional payments infrastructure providers like Visa could play a big role in this, given their established history in settling internal payment disputes for their own customers. Regrettably, our project's development is unfinished at the moment, so we do not have any testing instructions.

Additional Information

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