Project Description

There are a large number of new users who are curious about the crypto community, but most of them do not have sufficient investment experience to be able to participate as a trader role and they need another scenario that can replace some of their previous daily needs and integrate cryptocurrency practices into it so that they can eventually become part of the community. Game-Fi is an excellent attempt to compensate for the current user's demanding for playability with the profitability offered by Game-Fi games compared to traditional games. However, medium-heavy games tend to pursue depth in game background, design style, and gameplay in order to enhance playability, which can enhance the loyalty of heavy players, but greatly limit the ability of users to enter widely. We noticed some Move-to-Earn applications that combine Game-Fi with lifestyle have exploded with amazing results and become the product that truly break the community. The reason for this is that the product design based on users' daily scenarios can minimize the barrier to entry, and the incentive and gamification design of Game-Fi enhances the degree of users' willingness to enter and continue to use. So we built ReadON, which focuses on the daily reading scene. Content reading includes news, articles, novels, videos, e-books, etc., which has long accounted for a large percentage of users' Internet usage. Our team has experience with successful traditional read to earn products with millions of users in Southeast Asia. We are also all enthusiasts of blockchain technology, so we combined our experience of content products and Game-Fi design to create the first Read-Fi product for general users. This is the goal that ReadON tries to achieve, to create a Read-Fi product that will bridge users to Web3 in a reading scenario with a broader user base. ReadON will achieve this goal by accomplishing the following.

  1. Get users addicted to a healthy reading lifestyle via Game-Fi design.
  2. Build sub-communities with valuable content and set up appropriate governance rules through DAO based on Nucleus.
  3. Provide content on a wide range of topics, not limited to cryptocurrency space.
Additional Information

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