Project Description

RealityCoin is a protocol to accelerate creation of metaverse maps of the real-world. Users collect outdoor 360 photos on smartphone cameras in exchange for a Solana token. The image data is then aggregated through a mix of classical and AI based computer vision through a new system called Proof of Reality. Enterprises can access the rich imagery through industry standard APIs by spending RealityCoin tokens. The ecosystem is web 3, low cost alternative to Google street view. Customer use cases for token burning include consumer products (Yelp, DoorDash), AR/VR experiences, autonomous vehicle street mapping, web3 games, and our own playable metaverse of the real world. RealityCoin is inspired by the Helium architecture and global scale of the protocol. My work in computer vision had similar ambitions when I worked at Meta/Oculus, and incorporating the web3 token is something I believe will change the industry. To test the alpha version of the app running on Solana devnet, the latest instructions and invite code is in the get access channel of the RealityCoin Discord ( Alternatively, judges can use this TestFlight link: If there are issues, please email the team for help.

Additional Information

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  • Web3Auth - We used Web3auth to provide everyday users an alternative to memorizing or recording their secret phrase. Web3auth is a streamlined experience to save the private key through multiple auth systems without compromising web3 security. -Serum - We wanted to provide Miners that collected 360 photos liquidity of RealityCoin to USDC without using an exchange.
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