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Serum Splitter

Serum Splitter

Project Description

Splitter creates a Serum market and any defined number of separate orders of any SPL token. It has a permissionless crank that settles funds and sweeps fees from Serum, and subsequently dumps it into the output SPL token account and system account (that holds the NFT residual fees as well). Then the crank splits the amount that is in both accounts by the bps each payee has. For the use case of LadderCaster, Splitter creates a Serum market and 100 separate orders with the token LADA. The crank settles funds and dumps it into the USDC token account and system account.

Additional Information

Holaplex approached us with interest in how we split payments for NFT residual fees. We have engaged several other projects who would like to see how we do our IEO as it may give them another way to launch their coin.

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