Project Description

Slide is an expense management platform for DAOs! I built it to give DAO members a better way to manage day-to-day transactions from a shared treasury. Instead of going through onerous proposals, Slide lets you delegate the responsibility of reviewing expenses to select members. Any DAO member can submit expenses for approval and withdraw their funds on Slide. Slide composes automatically with DAOs formed through SPL-Governance or Squads! This means these DAOs can use Slide on day 1, without needing to invite new members or use any new voting primitives. The frontend is here: but functionality is limited compared to the full Programs (deployed to devnet). See the tests here: for a better picture of what client functionality could be.

Additional Information

On-chain programs: Frontend: Client SDK: Client SDK (npm): Squads SDK: Squads SDK (npm): The Squads SDK was fully developed within the hackathon period in order to test the Squads integration :)

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