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Project Description

Project Description SoMove is a novel augmented reality fitness and rhythm game built on top of the Solana blockchain. Think of it as the non-VR version of beat saber, or Just Dance without the controller, where players must destroy obstacles using their various body parts. However, it is different because it provides a full body workout with extremely dynamic movement without an uncomfortable headset strapped to your head. It uses a camera to track the body pose of the player and detects when the obstacle has been struck. The obstacles are spawned depending on the music using onset detection. Players are given a set of songs that they can choose as the rhythm every round. The content is kept dynamic as songs can be bought and traded as NFTs, with a percentage of the transaction going towards artists as royalties. Points are awarded for every obstacle struck, and deducted for every obstacle missed. Try to hit as many obstacles without missing any to accumulate bonus combo points. Why You Built It? We’re interested in building games for the casual gamer with some element of utility. Drawing inspiration from some of the most successful applications like TikTok, Pokemon Go and Beat Saber, SoMove hopes to provide a fun way for users to workout to the rhythm of music. Be it a workout, dance or concert, SoMove could serve as the casual social dapp that onboards the everyday person into the cryptoverse. The future of work is remote, and we think that SoMove helps people bond together over a remote workout session. Testing Instructions (RECOMMENDED) Currently, the best way to test it is running on a windows PC/laptop with a webcamera. From our Github repository, run the executable (SoMove_Windows_x86_64/SoMove.exe) Or download the zip file and run the executable. (NEXT BEST ALTERNATIVE) The game is available for internal play testing on Android. Download the SoMove_Android.apk from our shared Github repository or from Note that the solana wallet and NFT loading on Android is not fully functional yet.

Additional Information

We presented our project at the Solana Hacker House Singapore as SolMove. Social Media -

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