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Project Description

SolMints is a platform that provides DAOs with a simple, clean dashboard to track and vote on upcoming mints. Similar projects have been attempted previously, but none have mastered the UI, and the non-exploitable voting function that SolMints provides (through DAO-based user authenticaion). We built the project as active minters and project managers ourselves, after being met with constant demand for this type of solution. We noticed that the concept of a DAO, paired with decentralized user authentication was the ONLY way that this problem could EVER be solved (Email and other Web2 user auth just doesn't work). We also understood the massive amount of financial and community upside that building this tool would have, and saw the Riptide hackathon as a great way to bring our community's vision to fruition. To test our boilerplate 'base' site, head to and log in with your Solana wallet.

Additional Information

Our 'base' site (temporary and non-DAO specific) can be found at For any additional questions, feel free to reach out to Zac on Twitter (@zacyungblut) :)

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